Spring and Autumn Technology 2016 will be held successfully


“Good Spring and Autumn, Happy Life”—— Spring and Autumn Technology 2016 will be held successfully

On January 21, 2017, Suzhou Chunqiu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held at the Baoli Theatre in Kunshan. This annual meeting is based on the theme of “Good Spring and Autumn, Happy Life” and incorporates many corporate culture elements, summing up the achievements of 2016, and welcoming the hopeful 2017, more than 1,200 employee representatives gathered together, singing and dancing, a total of ceremonies .

One ​​admission, two beautiful trusses attracted many employees to stop. One pair displayed the main background of this annual meeting, and another photo wall with beautiful employee welfare, entertainment activities, staff life and work styles, the scene of Chunqiu people's happy work, happy life & rdquo; It’s vivid.

With the warmth of the warm-hearted video, all departments take turns congratulating the new one. Along with the shocking opening video, the grand song accompanied the dance "Spring and Autumn Welcome You" official annual meeting.

The first part of this annual meeting is the commendation session, a total of four awards: Spring and Autumn charm Star, Chengqi Star, Talent Star, Group Star. Vice-President of Chunqiu Wang, specially invited guest Ms. Xue and other senior executives took the stage to present awards to the winners and representatives of the winning team, and took a group photo. Through the introduction of the host, the audience learned about the specific content of each award-winning project, and also deeply realized that the outstanding people are because of their outstanding performance and contribution. Excellent recognition has set a benchmark for learning and indicates the direction of action.

Subsequently, Vice President Wang of the Spring and Autumn Organization Center took the stage to deliver a speech. Vice President Wang first reviewed the major achievements made in the Spring and Autumn Period in 2016. He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the customers and suppliers who helped and support the development of the Spring and Autumn Period, especially the Spring and Autumn Period. In the end, Vice President Wang asked the Spring and Autumn People to look at the world from the outside, and constantly reflect on it, and 2017 will take it to the next level.

This annual meeting, sorted according to the type of program and theme, is divided into four chapters: Spring Festival ——Create, Summer's articles ——Share, Autumn articles ——Value, Winter's articles ——Dream; this is also deeply in line with the subtitle of our annual meeting. The on-the-spot applause is the best acclaim for the wonderful programs of the staff of various departments. It is the affirmation of this group of meticulously certified and versatile cast members.

The management department recites "Good Spring and Autumn"

Purchasing Department essay "Tang Bohu Point"

People's Department Dance "Lover's Heart"

General Manager, Finance, IE  Dance "July Torch Festival"

stamping department essay "Mobile Phone Syndrome"

Quality Assurance Department essay "甄嬛后传"< /span>

After the autumn, three versatile children perform for all Chunqiu people The beautiful folk music cucurbit "The Beating Song"; the two children's calligraphy skills on the scene, expressing their full New Year greetings. The five pairs of Spring Festival couplets are: First Union Uplink: "Spring Seeds Albert, today's best, the next link: the autumn harvest, the Ming Dynasty gold and silver, the horizontal approval: the beautiful Spring and Autumn; the second joint: "Spring breeze to comb Liu, the next link: autumn rain 瞒 people go to run flowers, horizontal batch: happy home; third joint on the line: through Tianhong map, cloud steaming Xia Wei Huan Sheng Shi, the next link: Wei Di Cai Jun, Xingye Jucai create brilliant, horizontal batch: grand exhibition; Four links: the mountain is like a mountain, the clouds are light and windy. Looking back on the past, it has been bumpy. The next line: like water, flourishing, looking forward to more brilliant tomorrow, horizontal approval: heavenly rewards; fifth joint up: creating value , expand business, optimize processes, lean management, multi-engine drive for development, downlink: share results, Shanghai 崴泓, Suzhou Spring and Autumn, Hefei Jingwei, all enterprises go together to build a dream, horizontal approval: build brilliant.

Five Spring Festival Couplets Chunqiu Group The three branches of the company, “崴泓, Chunqiu, Jingwei”, expressed the arduous achievements of the three branches of Spring and Autumn Technology and their brilliant achievements; with a coherent horizontal batch “good spring and autumn, happy home, grand exhibition, heaven and earth rewards And create a brilliant glory, which has a strong confidence in the future, I wish the Spring and Autumn tomorrow is even better!

The dance led by middle-level cadres /span>

At the same time as the show, the middle stage is also interspersed with lottery Link, a total of 6 awards, nearly 800 prizes, more than 50% of the winning rate, continue to provoke the climax of the annual meeting, applause and cheers come and go! In the end, the special guest, Ms. Xue, presented 10 additional awards on behalf of Xue Dong, bringing the annual meeting to the most passionate climax.

at 21:30, the annual meeting ended successfully, singing, Applause and cheers still echoed on the court.

2016, is a year of great achievements in the Spring and Autumn Period, but also forge ahead A year of innovation; 2017 is coming, we will continue to move forward, “Pick up the sleeves and cheer” & rdquo;!
When the Spring Festival is approaching, I wish all Spring Festival people happy Spring Festival , good luck, red fire, happy family!

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