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Spring and Autumn Technology Strategic Human Resources Project Course "Eagle's Rebirth" Successfully Launched

November 8, 2016Day, more than 50 core employees of Spring and Autumn Technology gathered in the company training room to participate in the first phase of the human resources project with full enthusiasm "The Rebirth of the Eagle." Chairman Xue Gewen, deputy general Wang Haibin, and all the senior executives of the company attended the training. The course was delivered by Mr. Zhao Daguang, senior project consultant of Best

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Before the course began, Mr. Zhou Haibo, Director of Human Resources, introduced the organizational structure and participation rules of the entire project. Director Zhou introduced that in order to ensure the smooth development of the project, the company set up a project leading group, and Xue Zong served as the leader of the project leading group to guide the implementation of the overall operation during the project. The project team consists of 50 heads, heads and core staff, and participates in the training of strategic human resources projects. The project team members are divided into five learning and execution small teams. In order to stimulate the learning passion of the project team members and promote each other, each executive team is PK, by company executives as PK judges.

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In the formal course, Mr. Zhao Daguang brought us to today's training theme through the "Eydy's Rebirth" case. First of all, he analyzes the trends of world economic development and the four major problems that are common in the management of China's development enterprises. Teacher Zhao shared: Although influenced by the external economic situation, manufacturing is the foundation of the national economy, and Chunqiu Electronics belongs to the manufacturing industry. From this, it seems that our future is full of hope and prospects. As the industry competition is still grim, if we do not experience metamorphosis, we cannot be born again in pain like an eagle, and we will “starve”


Zhao Zhao impromptu research: "Why do we work?" ” trigger everyone's thinking: the first demand is definitely survival, in the case of meeting this condition, we hope to live better. How to live better? That is to change yourself, find more breakthroughs, increase your own value, and live better. How to improve the value? Improve your work skills, improve your management skills, change your position, and increase your salary. This requires us to change our own thinking when we face the challenge, break the inherent working mode, learn the eagle to smash our own "old 喙", get rid of their "old claws", unplug their own Remnant feathers, let yourself be completely "deformed"; this process of transformation is to participate in the project, learning and growth with the mentality of "investors".

Mr. Zhao shared: As a management cadre of the company, we must all think about the core task of “management”, namely “value creation, value evaluation, value” Distribution, we only create value for the company, we can achieve better. This is in line with our business philosophy of “creating value, sharing value”.


During the entire training period, the five small executive teams on the site participated in the team with a positive attitude and full enthusiasm. The small teams also carried out team building, elected the leader, and determined The name of the group and the group call clearly defined the main duties of the small team. For example, the first team's group life & ldquo; ant fine group & rdquo;, group call is "people heart, Taishan shift", meaning: an ant's power is small, but many ants together strength is endless, Symbolizes a person who is not perfect, only a perfect team! Without a team with execution, there is no fighting power! That is to say, the future development of the company relies on the joint efforts of our team. It is not just relying on the strength of one employee to complete it.

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While listening to the teacher's sharing, all the participants made a project participation commitment in the form of a representative. Chairman Xue Zong made an important speech. In his speech, General Xue once again emphasized the significance of the human resources project: Why do human resources projects, what does it bring to the company? What has been solved? Xue always said: Because self-recognition is not professional enough, please come to Best experts. We want to focus on one point: What can Best's human resources project bring to our company? At the same time, what problems can our company solve in the course of this project?

In conjunction with the company's current situation, Xue led us to reflect on: Why do we still have a little tail now? Why is there always a little bit of unsatisfactory? In the spring and autumn, all my colleagues should be in the “prepared for danger”, and the premise is “dangerous”, it is “safe”, but it must be crisis-conscious. Aware of the crisis and the consequences of the crisis, we can move forward to be more stable and farther. In this way, we can play the role of “people and more power” in actual work, relying on the advantages of “all people collecting firewood high”, and concentrate the power, “ld out, give a hole” ; Mr. Xue asked all members to further understand the importance of human resources projects and to unify their thinking to make the project a success. The premise of success is that the people must be united and rely on the collective struggle of all members.

Next, Mr. Xue made a solemn commitment as the leader of the project leadership team: to provide the most direct ideological guidance for project operations and to provide full support. The head of each executive team also unanimously promised to lead their respective team members to win the team championship in this project competition, and set a "military order". The commitment of each small team allows us to see the determination of each team to take responsibility and fulfill the mission.

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Finally, based on the performance of the on-site team, the jury selected the first place in today's PK. Vice President Wang Haibin presented cash rewards to the first team on the spot.

Learning is growth, learning is happiness, and learning is part of life and work. In the atmosphere of growth and happiness, half a day has passed quickly, fully embodying the values ​​of the company “happy work, happy life”.