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Our core values
Let Chunqiu become synonymous with responsibility, dedication, service, sharing, craftsmanship

In the journey of realizing China's manufacturing 2025, in the pursuit of the grand vision and mission of the Spring and Autumn People, Chunqiu regards the principles of responsibility, dedication, service, sharing and craftsmanship as the principle of doing things in the Spring and Autumn Period. The basic principle of how to deal with internal and external contradictions in development, as a synonym for the Spring and Autumn People, makes every Spring and Autumn person proud.


Being responsible, being pragmatic and seeking truth is the basic quality of people in the Spring and Autumn Period. For employees who have the responsibility, the company will give more development opportunities, and customers will trust us more.


Dedication is the promise of trustworthiness, focus on enterprising and professionalism. It is the basic working attitude of Chunqiu people. Dedication will win the company's love, the trust of customers.


It is a culture of the Spring and Autumn People's work that the Spring and Autumn People respect the customers and respect the attitudes and attitudes of their colleagues.


Fruit sharing, resource sharing, happiness and painful sharing are the cultural values ​​advocated by Chunqiu people.

Artisan spirit

Paying attention to details, keeping improving, and pursuing excellence are the habits and cultural essences of people who work in the Spring and Autumn Period.