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Build a fair competitive environment for talents, establish an effective performance mechanism, and motivate the potential of employees; establish a staff training mechanism to form a employment pattern with training as the mainstay and supplemented by talents; establish a talent pool to create value for customers Let the Spring and Autumn achieve the goal of sustainable management. Spring and Autumn pursue the concept of letting employees work happily and live happily, and gradually form a community of business with employees to realize self-worth and realize the vision of the Spring and Autumn People.



Achieve self-worth: Refers to the Spring and Autumn Period to build a perfect career development channel for employees, and is committed to training and developing the potential of employees in development, helping employees to grow, but the value-creating results are an important criterion for promoting employees. Help employees realize their own life value.

Business Community: It is said that the Spring and Autumn Period will gradually pass the equity incentives, turning the career of Spring and Autumn into the common cause of the Spring and Autumn People, and building the Spring and Autumn Period into a platform for the development of employees' careers;

Happy Life: refers to the Spring and Autumn Period through the establishment of a relatively fair value distribution system and a constantly improving welfare system, rewarding employees' hard work and wisdom, and advocating employees to pursue a positive and happy life and achieve a happy life;

Happy work: refers to the Spring and Autumn Period advocates simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships. Employees act according to the rules, submit results, and obtain recognition; respect employees in management methods, treat employees fairly, and leaders are employees' mentor and employees. The logistics department; the company strives to create a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, so that employees can work happily;