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Discussed personally
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Jiangsu-Suzhou-Kunshan City
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Marketing department
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Full time
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1-3 years
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No limit
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2019/04/24 15:26
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1. Experience in plastic mold grinding and processing for more than 2 years (large water mill, surface grinder, lathe)
2. Familiar with the mold structure of the notebook industry, familiar with the processing principle and operation skills of the grinding machine
3. Can understand 2D, 3D parts drawings, proficient in machining calculations and adjustments
4. Familiar with the basic knowledge of machining (mechanical transmission, cutting tools, typical parts processing, equipment lubrication and cutting fluid use)
5. Familiar with the use and maintenance methods of common workers, clamps and measuring tools
6. It is preferred to be able to machine the skew pin, skew pin and stamping die parts independently.
7. Strong pressure resistance, can work with overtime, night shift